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How to create an account at

- Click on Register button given on the right corner of the page
- Fill out the Register form
- Click on submit
- Verify your account
- Enjoy personalized customer area

Why should I create an account at

It is essential to create an account at She Stitch to keep track and history of your orders through customer area.

What happens if I don’t verify my account?

You’re strongly recommended to verify your account by following the instruction sent via mail. Failure to verify the account may result in suspension or deletion of account.

What if I forget my account login ID and password of She Stitch?

If you forget your login ID and password of She Stitch, you can recover it by using Forgot Password option given on login page. You can also contact us through Contact Us form, Live Chat Support, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages. For immediate reply, you can contact via phone or Viber.

How should I use customer area?

With registration, you’re provided with a dedicated customer area with option to view cart and view invoices. View cart can be used for viewing items saved in the cart. View invoices can be used to see history of all shopping done at She Stitch. You can also maintain your personal profile through customer area.


How can I place an order at She Stitch?

With every dress, there is Add to Cart button. By clicking on the button you can order the dress. If you require any assistance regarding it, our customer care representatives are available for every second and minute for you through Live Chat.

How do I know that my order has been placed at She Stitch?

After placing the order, you will receive an email from She Stitch indicating the confirmation of the placement of your order. You can check your order by logging into your account on the website of She Stitch.

How much time will it take to deliver my order?

She Stitch will deliver your order on your deadline specified on the order form. Minimum time we need for delivery is 3 days.

Can I add or remove items to my order list or shopping cart?

Yes, you can add or remove items to your order list or shopping cart using the action board in your Account Dashboard.

How can I track my order status? Do you provide any tracking option?

You can track your order status through your personalized customer area where Order Summary displays different tabs including Draft, Pending, Processed, Shipped, Delivered, Refund, & Rejected.


Do you offer discount on all dresses?

We offer discounts on bulk orders only. Moreover, discounts can also be availed in the dresses added under special offers.

How can I avail discount on my order?

To avail discount, you will have to contact us either via call, email, or live chat where our agent will share discount coupon code. While ordering the dress, code can be used in the field of discount code.


What is the method to pay for my order?

In order to make payment for purchasing any order, you should visit our page“How to Pay”. We follow different methods for payment, which specifically include Cash on Delivery, Western Union, Xpress Money, Bank Transfer, Easy Paisa, PayPal& Credit Card.

Are your online payment mode secure& safe?

Yes, we have employed secure DNS service to ensure safe and secure online payment.So whether you’re paying through Credit Card or PayPal, you& your payment both are secure.

If I am paying through PayPal or other online payment mode, who should pay the service charges?

If you’re paying through PayPal or other online payment mode, it is likely that they would charge you for their service. She Stitch doesn’t bear this cost anyway.

Can I pay after receiving my dress?

No! You can pay at your door step only if you’re eligible to cash on delivery else you must pay first or your order will not be entertained.


What if I receive the correct order but some part of it is missing?

If you receive your order with some parts missing, you should immediately inform us and we will deliver the missing parts with justified reasons without charging you extra cost for shipment.

What if I receive wrong order from She Stitch?

There is zero percent chance to receive wrong order from us. However, in case, if you receive wrong order, we will replace it with the right order to you as soon as possible without charging you extra for shipment cost. Upon receiving wrong order, you can let us know on immediate basis through our Contact Us page or communicate with our available representatives on Live Chat Support.

What if I don’t like your delivered dress? Do you return?

Once you purchase the dress, you cannot return unless it is damaged or different from your order. In the above mentioned scenario, we exchange the dress with another dress but we strictly follow no return policy.


I have received the defected product from She Stitch, what should I do in this case?

There is zero percent chance to receive defected or damaged product form us, however, in case if you receive defected or damaged products, you should immediately contact us through Contact Us page, Live Chat Support, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to inform about the delivery of the defected product. We will deliver new and non-defected products as soon as possible without charging you extra for shipment cost.

What if I don’t like the dress? Do you exchange?

Yes, we will exchange the dress item with other if you don’t like the delivered one.


Is it possible to cancel my order at any point?

You can cancel your order within quarter time of your provided deadline otherwise; you cannot cancel your order.


Do you refund for undelivered or delivered dresses?

We refund for undelivered dress if we fail to arrange or deliver your required dress. However, we don’t refund if the dresses are already delivered.


Do you deliver dresses at door step?

Yes, we do deliver at your door step.

Do you only deliver in Pakistan? What if I want the dress outside Pakistan?

We deliver dresses around the world. So, you can get the dresses delivered anywhere in the world.

Do you charge for delivery? How much do you charge?

Yes, we have specific charges for delivery exclusive of dress item prices. Charges are determined based on weight and location.


Are all dresses available at She Stitch ready–made& stitched dresses?

Not all dresses at She Stitch are ready made or stitched. Dresses falling under She Stitch Fashion Concept category are stitched& ready to wear. As far as other dresses such as fashion designer& fashion brands are concerned, they are all unstitched.

Do you offer stitching facility? If yes, what are your stitching charges?

Yes, we do offer stitching facility. Stitching charges vary based on design& style. Basic stitching charges are Rs. 2000/=

Can I have a size chart at SheStitch before placing an order and browsing the available products on its website?

Yes, a“Size Guide” is available for your size assistance and you can also browse the available product lines before placing an order at our website.

I have found the desired product at She Stitch but I am not able to find my size, what should I do in this case?

If you do not find your size for specific products, you can order for customized products for which you are required to give your details about size available on Size Guide page. You can find the customized size option below the standard size chart given on the Size Guide page.


I have found the desired product at She Stitch with a label showing that product is out of stock, what should I do now?

If you have found the desired product at She Stitch with a label out of stock, then you are highly encouraged to let us know through Contact Us form or contact our representatives through Live Chat Support, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Upon receiving your request for the product, we will confirm you in week whether or not we can arrange the dress for you.


What if I have to ask further questions than given here?

If you can’t find your queries here, please contact us via call, live chat& email.

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